Welcome to Roundball Rock, THE BLOG!


Corbin commemorating this glorious moment with an autograph for a fan

Hi everyone! This is a post introducing you to the LATEST, GREATEST BASKETBALL BLOG, ROUNDBALL ROCK. My name is Corbin Smith, I will be your editor. You might have read my work at many famous websites (It would be immodest for me to list them, I think.), and heard my appearances on Roundball Rock but what you MIGHT NOT KNOW, is that, before I made top dollar to get bozo traffic, I blogged about basketball at Biscutball, which was a fun blog about basketball.

Sometime after that, when I started getting amethysts shoveled into my pockets by many monied interests, all thirsting for the blessing of my content, I left fun blogging about basketball behind. Instead, I would write about how Tom Brady was bad, or how to maintain good sleep hygiene during Quarantine, or Animal Crossing, stuff along those lines. I like doing this work, of course. But there has, for a few years, always been a part of me that… that longed. That wondered where the excesses of my youth had gone. That wondered… where were the fun blogs I once knew…

One day, I was flipping through Twitter or something and I ran across the wonderful podcast, Roundball Rock. What I liked about Roundball Rock was that it managed to be knowledgeable and fun in equal measure. A basketball podcast by two dudes who had some understanding of high falutin’ statistical and tactical ideas and a sense of the broader world and how the league does or doesn’t reflect it, but also was, like, fun and funny. It quickly became my favorite podcast about basketball, and its hosts, Joey Devine and Sean Keane, became my friends. One time, I went over to Joey’s house, and when he offered me some nachos he made I rejected his kind offer because I had just eaten. I also said some things about his cat I couldn’t take back and left my belt at his house, but we remained friends even though I am a difficult person. 

The show’s Smart/Dumb perspective, and getting to know Sean and Joey and other people we’ve gotten to know that made me thirst for the bygone world of blogging. There used to be so much weird basketball writing out there: FreeDarko you’re familiar with, but I recall The Diss, Seth Rosenthal and Bob Silverman’s increasingly unhinged Knicks recaps from around when Melo joined the team, the myriad stylistic and moral angles my friends at The Classical were looking at the game from, and uhh, Deadspin, which closed, somehow, even though it was the most popular sports website on the planet. 

One day, a while ago, I wondered… what if I tried again? What if I did some blogging FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME, just tried to make fun, half-informative posts about basketball? Then I thought, ugh, I don’t wanna do that shit alone. Then I thought, hey, maybe Sean and Joey would be interested in joining me. Then I thought about the potential for a kind of cross-branded blog/podcast venture, a tactic that has proven successful at a lot of media companies, and how maybe scaling that down could be really interesting and maybe productive for everyone involved. I really thought that. Adulthood is poison.

So, that idea exists now. I will be writing here, as will Sean. Joey will show up from time to time, I suspect, as well as some of our other friends from the worlds of writing and comedy. 

Because I’m old now, which means I am a cog in Capital’s mighty gears, I have set up a lil’ tip jar at the top of the page. All the money will be split at the end of the month between me and Sean and anyone else who contributed to the blog that month. If you give us a hundred dollars, we will write one (1) one-thousand (1,000) word post about the basketball player of your choice. If you are a wealthy eccentric who wants to do this every day, well… I guess that’s my job now. 

The main mission of this blog is: “Write fun, interesting posts about basketball.” That’s pretty much it. Honestly? Baseball might also come up. It also has a round ball. Stats, jokes, aesthetic rambling, whatever. Sometimes there it will be silly, sometimes it will have emotional gravitas. Whatever. Blogging is a flexible form, baby!

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